Bejeweled Beauty


Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Welcome everyone to my website launch, Today marks the first day of my business relaunch and I couldn't be more excited. I am so full of cake enthusiasm and cannot wait to showcase some exciting techniques, tutorials as well as some amazing cakes. My latest cake was an experiment for me in both wafer paper and cake bling. I'd never really worked with wafer paper before as a medium in cake decorating so it was pretty eye opening. I don't know if it was just an awful batch of wafer paper that I received but for some reason my wafer paper was very prone to cracking and I had to spend several hours conditioning it in order to use it successfully. I conditioned my wafer paper by heating a pot of water over the stove and then gently passing the sheets of wafer paper through the steam, just for a few seconds..enough to add just a touch of moisture and allow the paper to become more flexible. I'm going to go ahead and assume that I just had a bit of a sketchy batch because I reordered another batch which arrived this afternoon via Amazon and I had no issues at all...the paper seems to be in much better condition, I sort of wish I had asked for a refund now or a replacement on the first batch but ho hum... I cut the wafer paper into triangles and created conical shapes in slightly varying sizes. The cones were secured with a dab of water and left to dry. They did store easily and I kept them for several weeks before securing them to the cake. The cake itself is 4 tiers (10,8, double barrel 6 and 4 inch) covered in white fondant. I used Satin Ice. I purchased Isomalt gems in bulk- again, I have mixed feelings on this product, whilst some of the gems were very sparkly, others had been dulled by humidity and although I tried the trick of rubbing them with a little vegetable oil, they didn't quite regain that sparkle. I used gems in four colors, black, grey, clear and copper. The overall feel of the cake was Art Deco, the wafer paper was influenced by the brides dress which features conical ruffles in a cascade. The wafer paper attached really easily to the cake and I loved that the decorations were light, it made transporting the cake a lot easier. :-) score one cake decorator. Overall I was absolutely thrilled with how this cake turned out and it has led to many other wafer paper projects which I can't wait to share and discuss and a few tutorials too.